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30.70 AED

Professional Silicon Gun Silver/Black 9inch


50.65 AED

Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector Tester Pen Style Electric Indicator Black 159 x 26.4 x 26.4millimeter


76.60 AED

Electric Grinder And Nail Polish Removing Machine Tool Kit Multicolour 24 x 16 x 3centimeter

216.82 AED

Generic-DPX Series 1.8-inch Color Screen Display CNC Adjustable Constant Voltage Power Supply Step-down Module Integrated Voltmeter Ammeter 0-62.00V/0-12.000A DPX6012S

1882.60 AED

Cordless Percussion Driver Drill Blue/Black/Silver 205x79x249millimeter

25.00 AED

Window Color Dark Green

103.12 AED

Generic-1200P Endoscope Borescope WIFI Inspection Camera Built-in 8pcs LEDs 8mm Lens IP68 Waterproof Industrial Endoscope Compatible with iOS/Android/Tablet/Laptop/PC


125.94 AED

Generic-3.2" TFT LCD Display + TFT/SD Shield Expansion Board for Arduino MEGA 2560 LCD Module SD Card 2.8 3.2 DUE

382.70 AED

3-Digit LED Display High Precision Adjustable Mini Power Supply Black

125.00 AED

115-In-1 Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set Black/White 90 x 157 x 52millimeter


418.00 AED

Pst 700 E Jigsaw Green


79.09 AED

Generic-Internal Heating Adjustable Digital-control Thertic Lead-free 60W Electric Soldering Iron Suit

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